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This pyramid is approximately 4” x 4” at the base and 3.5” from tip to base. Contains a large aqua obsidian stone at the top, mini amethyst and rose quartz crystals, stainless steel, black tourmaline and monatomic gold powder.


This pyramid is made with the intention to sooth emotions for the empath, create harmony and enhance dreaming and intuitive abilities while grounding.


Amethyst is protective crystal that protects in the higher realms especially the third eye chakra and crown chakra. Bringing through peace and stability while enhancing psychic abilities, this crystal provides nourishment and draws in Divine energy from the higher realms, while soothing the mind and racing thoughts associated with an out of balance crown chakra. Physical attributes of amethyst are boosting hormone levels, cleansing and clearing of the chakras, enhanced intuition and sobering of the mind. Amethyst alleviates mental and physical pain in the head, dispels insomnia, anxiety and mental distress from lower realms and encourages sobriety from over indulgence.


Aquamarine Obsidian is a stone of soothing tranquility. It connects with the throat chakra cleansing it of impurities, and the crown chakra opening awareness to the vast ocean of knowledge and consciousness that is contained within the All/Universe then aligning through the heart as it brings waves of soothing energy to protect and calm emotions and sensitivities. In the subtle body fields it is used to dispel fear and anxiety. A good luck stone for ocean travelers and a great tool for energy healers with empathic traits.

Tourmaline (black) is naturally ionizing and potent in protecting against radiation and environmental damage. Also well known for its protection to shield from psychic attacks and energy vampires. Has the ability to ground to Earth energies and bring them into alignment within the subtle body systems.


Stainless steel is a strong defense against psychic attacks, extreme negativity and protection against anyone or thing that would drain your energy.

Amethyst Flower of Life Orgone Pyramid

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