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This pyramid is approximately 3.5” x 3.3” and stands 3”.


It contains an opalite, selenite crystal wands and powder, blue goldstone, stainless steel and monatomic white gold powder. Opalite carries property of white, purple and copper metal making it a unique glowing stone with milky white appearance. Opalite opens up all the meridians, clears blocks while aligning and enhancing sacral chakra fields, solar plexus fields and crown chakra fields. It is a stone for self empowerment, self esteem and personal strength. It is most known for enhancing the libido, sexual prowess anenhancing your sexuality.


The opal brings moon energy while the metal brings sun energy, creating a male/female yin/yang energy balance to the stone and is popular for use in healing blockages and transmuting disease and negativity in the body.


Blue Goldstone is a man made stone discovered by Monks through learning the knowledge of alchemy. It is made through fusing glass and copper and it is very difficult to create. It has therefore become known as a stone of luck and prosperity. Many have reported an ability to achieve goals and connect with their Divine blueprint while using goldstone bringing good luck, fortune and success.


Blue Goldstone also carries an ability to stabilizes the emotional body. It can deflect unwanted energies and bring through vitality making it a powerful passion and protection stone. The copper flecks enhance its electro magnetic field making it powerful tool for expansion of your psychic abilities and is often used for mediation and manifesting.

Aqua Opalite Orgone Pyramid for Luck & Abundance

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