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This orgone pendant contains multicolored flourite crystals, steel, selenite powder and shungite.  The size is 1 1/2" in lenght, 1 1/2" width and 3/8" in thickness. The pendant comes with a black adjustable cord 18"-20".  There is an option to buy a silver cord in product listings.


Connects heart, crown and throat chakras.  Fluorite carries a harmonizing energy for balancing and grounding in your upper chakras.  


Green and purple fluorite are known to stimulate the brain and calm the nervous system while soothing the heart. These special crystals absorb excess energy and releases repressed energy relieving negative blocks, making it a popular stone among energy healers to clear auric and light body fields of lower vibrational muck.


Fluorite naturally repels lower emf fields making it great stone to wear as protection from radiation and other disruptive energies that can effect the body.

Flourite Orgone Pendant

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