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Aventurine Merkabah Orgone Pyramid for Abundance

Aventurine Merkabah Orgone Pyramid for Abundance


CONTAINS: a lemurian seed crystal wrapped in a silver and copper coils, green aventurine, a dichroic glass plate with a silver merkabah symbol, mini purple flourite stones, selenite wands, stainless steel and shungite.


SIZE: approximatley 3.33" x 3.33" x 3.33"

DETAILS: This pyramid is made with intention to create abundance, luck, enhance creativity and intuition while protecting from negativity.


Green Aventurine the most common color of aventurine and believed to be the most powerful. Ancient Tibet used this stone to adorn the statues as it was believed to enhance visionary powers. They also believed it would cure nearsightedness and enhance creativity. It is said to bring the wearer good luck and abundance and is a stone of tranquillity and peace.


Aventurine connects the 3rd eye, heart chakra and solar plexus. These qualities bring clearing of old habits and beliefs and fears. Provides a feeling of serenity and a strong connection to Earth energies. Is well known for absorbing radiation and effects of low electro magnetic energy and geopathic stress.


Rainbow flourite connects to heart, crown and 3rd eye chakras. Green fluorite is known to stimulate the brain and calm the nervous system. Purple flourite enhances intuitive dreaming and white connects to the universal source feeling of love. It absorbs excess energy and releases repressed energy while clearing making it a popular stone among energy healers to clear auric and light body fields of lower vibrational muck. Fluorite naturally repels lower emf fields making it a great stone to keep near you while your working on your pc or laptop.


Merkabah is a Hebrew word meaning Chariot. Made up of three separate words, Mer~Light, Ka~Spirit and Ba~Body. This sacred symbol can be used during meditation to access higher states of consciousness and awareness. The image helps you cast a protective “chariot” of light, a vehicle that energetically elevates your frequency and vibrations. The symbol brings in balance of masculine and feminine energies. The upside down pyramid of the feminine tetrahedron is pulling power up from the earth and moving counter clockwise, while the masculine right side up pyramid/ tetrahedron spins in a clockwise direction pulling down energy from the heavens uniting the to opposing energies in a spin of perfect balance.

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