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This pyramid is approximately 3” x 3” x 3" at each angle for harmonic dimensions and stands 2".  It  contains a large green fluorite crystal within quartz layer,  mini rainbow flourite crystals,  selenite wands, stainless steel and monatomic metal powders.


This pyramid is made with the intention to soothe, calm and enhance positive thoughts.  Connects and balances upper chakra fields.


Green fluorite is known to stimulate the brain and calm the nervous system. It absorbs excess energy and releases repressed energy while clearing making it a popular stone among energy healers to clear auric and light body fields of lower vibrational muck. Fluorite naturally repels lower emf fields making it great stone to keep near while your working on your pc or laptop.


Selenite is associated with the moon and it brings forward energies of the unconscious and subconscious.   This crystal connects with crown chakra and light body, removing energy blocks from the physical as well as the etheric bodies.  Meditation and spiritual development are eased and promoted through selenite, as it does not attach to any lower vibrational fields. Selenite has a way of collapsing any fields of low vibration and bringing to clarity that which does not fit


Stainless Steel is a strong defense against psychic attacks, extreme negativity and protection against anyone or thing that would drain your energy.

Green Fluorite Crystal Orgone Pyramid

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