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The field of Orgone science began with an Austrian, Dr. Wilhelm Reich. During his research Dr. Reich found that organic materials attract and hold energy, while inorganic materials seek to attract then repel energy.  When metals and crystals are placed in a pressured environment (resin) they will produce a piezoelectric signal that increases the ionization in the surrounding environment.

It has been found through Dr. Reich's research that using the orgone gathering method has an effect on the radionic waveforms and subatomic particles in the surrounding environment. Orgone energy or lifeforce energy is increased in the biosphere by the friction that is caused through attracting and repelling fields. A scrubbing action takes place in the biosphere causing the subatomic particles to be forced into the aether and upon returning to the biosphere, the subatomic particles are returned to their original state and order, free of radiation and other forms of low ELFs (electromagnetic frequencies) and lower vibrational fields.  The crystals and gems inside bring their own specific qualities and add a harmonizing effect, relieving stress and aiding the body’s ability to produce and maintain its own biosphere “Chi”, “Prana” or “Lifeforce”.

In our ever growing technological world, cellphones, laptops, wifi and home appliances are just a few examples that are creating radionic wave forms proven to be harmful to all lifeforms. These radionic wave forms are measured in MiliGauss. The U.S. Government states that 2.5 MiliGauss is the standard amount of radiation an individual can safely be exposed to per day, yet we are using items on a daily basis that far exceed this standard.

For instance your cellphone gives off anywhere from 9-15 mG from each side. Putting this directly next to your face has increased effects. Your computer 9-50 mG. A plane flying over your head is 50-150 mG. New studies are released every day to increase knowledge and awareness around this increasing health problem.

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