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Blue Goldstone Prosperity Talisman

Blue Goldstone Prosperity Talisman


This talisman can be worn or used as a hanging charm for good luck, prosperity and abundance. It's size is 2" x 2" and 1/2" thick.  The cord is made of hemp & cotton, with interwoven wooden beads and adjustable from 26" - 38". The medallion is made in resin with the orgone method, has a Metatron symbol, contains blue goldstones, stainless steel and shungite.


Goldstone (dark blue with copper) is a man made stone discovered by Monks through learning the knowledge of alchemy.  It is made through fusing glass and copper and it is very difficult to create.  It has therefore become known as a stone of luck and prosperity.  Many have reported an ability to achieve goals and connect with their Divine blueprint while using goldstone bringing good luck, fortune and success. 


Goldstone also carries an ability to stabilizes the emotional body.  It can deflect unwanted energies and bring through vitality making it a powerful protection stone.  The copper flecks enhance its electro magnetic field making it powerful tool for expansion of your psychic abilities and is often used for mediation and manifesting. 


Shungite is a protective stone that is well known for its grounding and healing properties. This stone is known to protect the body from radioactive properties, relieves geopathic stress and minimizes harmful emf fields. Shungite is also known to unite both sides of the brain and body aligning with healing earth energies. For meditation it is has a calming effect and releases the flow of positive energy.


Markabah an ancient Hebrew word meaning Chariot. Made up of three separate words, Mer~Light, Ka~Spirit and Ba~Body. This sacred symbol can be used during meditation to access higher states of consciousness and awareness. The image helps you cast a protective “chariot” of light, a vehicle that energetically elevates your frequency and vibrations. The symbol brings in balance of masculine and feminine energies. The upside down pyramid of the feminine tetrahedron is pulling power up from the earth and moving counter clockwise, while the masculine right side up pyramid/ tetrahedron spins in a clockwise direction pulling down energy from the heavens uniting the to opposing energies in a spin of perfect balance.

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