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This pyramid is approximatley 3.33" x 3.33" x 3.33"

Led color changing light base shown in some pics can be purchased in shop listings.


Made with intention for healing earth energies to relieve emf and geopathic stress.


Green Aventurine the most common color of aventurine and believed to be the most powerful. Ancient Tibet used this stone to adorn the statues as it was believed to enhance visionary powers. They also believed it would cure nearsightedness and enhance creativity. It is said to bring the wearer good luck and abundance and is a stone of tranquillity and peace. Aventurine connects the 3rd eye, heart chakra and solar plexus. These qualities bring clearing of old habits and beliefs and fears. Provides a feeling of serenity and a strong connection to Earth energies. Is well known for absorbing radiation and effects of low electro magnetic energy and geopathic stress.

Green Aventurine Pyramid for Healing and Emf relief

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