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Metatron’s Cube Large Orgone Pyramid

Metatron’s Cube Large Orgone Pyramid


*An led color changing light with remote and usb connection can be added from my Shop listings to make this pyramid a lamp.  Some pics are shown with the wood light base but it is not included with this listing.


This Large High Frequency Orgone Pyramid is made with equal sides 7" x 7" x 7" sacred dimesnions for manifesting abundance.  This pyramid contains a large quartz crystal point wrapped in a copper coil,  a metal metratons cube symbol, a color changing dichroic glass plate made of vaporized crystals and metal, four large opalite stones, mini rose quartz stones, selenite crystal powder and wands, mini blue goldstones, shungite, monatomic gold powder, a tesla copper coil with selenite wands in the bottom, copper and stainless steel shavings.  


This pyramid is made with the intention to recharge and amplify your signal as well as surrounding plant life while relieving geopathic stress and relief from lower emf's.   The combination of crystals are for manifesting abundance, radiant heart health and unconditional love for self and others.

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