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Seed of Life Symbol Orgone pyramid is approximately 3” x 3” and stands 2.5”.


It contains rainbow flourite crystals, selenite and quartz crystal powder, stainless steel and copper shavings. Rainbow fluorite is known to stimulate the brain and calm the nervous system. It absorbs excess energy and releases repressed energy while clearing making it a popular stone among energy healers to clear auric and light body fields of lower vibrational muck. Fluorite naturally repels lower EMF fields making it a great stone to keep near you while your working on your pc or laptop.


Green fluorite carries a harmonizing energy for balancing and grounding in your upper chakras. Purple flourite connects to your third eye.. clearing your inner vision and enhancing your intuition. White/clear flourite connects with your crown chakra and enhances that feeling of divine love and helps bring through light fields of the upper chakra systems.

Seed of Life Orgone Pyramid with Rainbow Flourite Crystals

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